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Reduce Your Chiropractic Office's Time Lost on the Phone

In your chiropractic office, your office manager's time can go a long way. This time, however, can be drained when there is a constant need to be on the phone. On this blog, we're discussing ways to free up time for your office managers by getting them off phone and spending more time face to face with patients! Try taking these steps forward to help your chiropractic office improve its efficiency and de-stress.

Having an office manager that is trained properly with the software used to register and check-in patients is key. When using new programs or equipment, make a point to introduce your office manager to the ins and outs of the new technology. If your office manager is familiar and knowledgeable with your software, patients' questions can be answered with ease, speed, and confidence. This familiarity is sure to make a huge difference in the overall efficiency and reduction of your phone time. Consider implementing periodic tech equipment training with your front office staff to ensure everything is running smoothly and quickly. A proficient office staff keeps the office running efficiently without being dragged into endless phone time.

If your practice also has the option to set up appointments online, you will greatly reduce time spent on the phone in the office. Online appointments also allow patients to sign up at their leisure, and at a time most convenient for them. Most of your patient’s likely work 9-5 jobs, and may find it difficult to carve out time to make an appointment, particularly if they have to set aside time for a phone call. Make sure that there is a clear, helpful, and accessible portal to create appointments on your website. This will save time and increase satisfaction for your patients, and for your staff!

Providing your clients with the option of online bill pay will open up huge swaths of time away from the phones. It is the easiest way to reduce phone traffic, as most front office representatives spend a huge portion of their day on the phone helping patients pay their bills. When patients have the option to pay their bills on their own time, and don't have to spell out credit card numbers over the phone, both office managers and patients will be given much more freedom. Eliminating bill payment over the phone also keeps your patients credit card information private and secure.

Once your practice has the option to take online bill pay, the door will be opened to further steps towards convenience for your patients and staff. Set up electronic reminders that will be sent to your patients which include a link to your online bill pay. These can be done via email or text! If your patients can already pay online, reminding them with a message and link will reel in many more payments than if it were left to the patient's memory, all without spending time on the phone. This is the next step in receiving timely patient payments without increasing your office's phone time.

We live in an amazing and exciting time. All around us, and particularly in the medical field, new technology is constantly arriving. Keep track of technological developments as they emerge, and you won't miss the boat! When new technological advancements, applications, or software make an appearance, you'll be able to implement these new developments to further streamline your practice's processes and continue to cut phone time.

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