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Easy Portals, Easy Payments

Your patients are flooded with usernames and passwords for various channels like shopping, email, patient records, and social media. Giving your patients the option for a stateless protocol could be the best way to remedy this situation. A stateless protocol is when a patient does not have to use a username and password to make an online payment to your practice! This week we’re talking about patient payment portals and how using one can help your practice bring in revenue faster and in full while also increasing your patient satisfaction.

Using a payment portal for your practice is an easy way to set up a modern and convenient way for your patients to pay their bills on time. According to an article from FierceHealthcare, online patient portals are seen to increase collections by up to 15%. That’s major revenue your practice may be missing out on if you find yourself still sending out multiple paper statements per patient visit.

Implementing an online payment portal for your patients will also decrease the amount of time that your office staff has to spend fielding phone call payments and sorting through mailed statements. That free time can now be spent making sure your patients are set for their appointment and feeling personally cared for. Saving time on the phones by using an online payment method is perfect for practices looking to free up their office staff’s attention and get paid faster.

What if you could increase the number of patients that visit your website, pay their bills on time, and feel more satisfied with their experience all with addition of one small link. That’s right. You don’t even have to host this payment portal! In fact, you don’t even have to have a website for your practice (though we highly encourage having one in general). With an outside hosted payment portal, you don’t have to assume the risk of data breach or payment fraud. Your patients simply click a link, fill in their general information and a dollar amount then submit the payment! It’s too simple not to try. Your patients will also be satisfied with the ability to pay their bills on the go and without having to mail their credit card information or write a check.

Contact Corral Solutions to find out more about how your practice can benefit from patient payment portals!


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