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Could Your Patients Be Happy About Paying Their Bills?

If you’ve ever struggled to collect your patient’s payment on time, mailed statement after

statement as a reminder, left voicemails, used collection agencies, or written o delinquent

payments as a lost cause and still haven’t found a good solution to get your patients to pay their

bills; then you’re about to learn the system that your business has been waiting for. It’s called

Patient Financial Engagement and it’s the key to increasing your revenue and keeping your

patients satisfied at the same time.

What is Patient Financial Engagement?

Patient Financial Engagement is communication between healthcare providers and their patients with the intent of educating on what they owe and options to pay. Simply put – engaging patients to make an action towards a patient

responsibility payment.

Below is a checklist on three ways to improve your patient financial engagement.

Online Bill Pay

• Give patients the option to pay day or night, rain or shine, at their convenience

• Cut down on mailed paper statements and staff time on phones

• Provide payment link on paper statements and email reminders

• Eliminate double entry

Automated Email Reminders

• Start collecting emails during appointment and booking

• Cut down on sending paper statements

• Include link to online bill pay for immediate action

Recurring Payments

• Give patients the option to pay a set amount over a period of time

• Eliminate keeping insecure binders or spreadsheets with patient’s payment information

Do the statements above resonate with you? Then the time is now! Stop missing out on payments from your patients. Financial engagement practices are beneficial for you and help your patients understand their bills. Are you ready to begin changing your practice for the better?

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